With proceeds from our fundraising efforts and the generosity of underwriters and charitable contributions, our 2015-16 “Make a Difference” grant program funded more than $27,000 in grants to schools in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff, including Districts 65, 67 and 115, and the School of St. Mary and Lake Forest Country Day School.

The grant process includes the review, research and analysis of our grant applications to ensure that funds are allocated to programs that will most significantly impact children who learn differently.  The following grants were awarded this year.  Which tools are in your child’s class? Ask your teacher!

  • Go Zone Multi-Sensory Room,  A nurturing, student-centered sensory experience, offering students who need a break from the academic rigors of the classroom the opportunity to regroup with a variety of sensory tools, so they can reintegrate quickly back into the classroom ready to engage in a meaningful way.
  • Social Thinking Programs and Curriculum, Social thinking programs for high school, designed to develop student awareness of individual thinking and social behavior, while learning self regulation strategies
  • Hokki Stools, Stability Balls, Therapro Alert Chairs, Often students with learning differences benefit from movement, extra support or gentle spatial/body awareness “reminders” during instruction. Specialized seating including Hokki Stools, stability balls and TheraPro Alert chairs, are available in both the resource rooms and the general education classrooms.
  • Indoor Herb and Butterfly Gardens, the gardens are designed to enrich the learning of the Life Skills students, offering walking breaks throughout the day and help with math and reading skills, while learning about responsibility for living things.
  • Assorted Sensory Integration Tools, Sensory tools help children regulate and focus during the school day.  Items granted include foot fidgeting bands, weighted lap pads, squeeze balls, and slant boards.

Thank you for supporting the LDA ”Make A Difference” Grant Program and our fundraising efforts so children who learn differently have the educational resources to succeed!