Lake Forest–Lake Bluff Learning Disabilities Association (LDA)

2012/2013 “Make a Difference” Grant Program Highlights

Proceeds from our May 2012 Spring Marche as well as the generosity of our Underwriters, fund our “Make a Difference” Grant Program. In November 2012, the LDA funded more than $46,500 in grants to Elementary, Middle, Junior High and High Schools in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff. The LDA Grant Program involves hours of review, research and analysis in order to guarantee that the funds are allocated to programs that will most significantly impact children that learn differently! Which items/tools are in your class? Ask your teacher!

39 iPads

  •  iPads and apps provide teachers and support staff with a spectrum of educational options in a format that provides ingenuity and excitement to learning.
  •  iPads assist students and educators with multiple academic, social, and speech related pursuits.

35 Stand Up Desks

  •  Stand Up Desks support students who benefit from standing and moving to focus and learn.

3 Smart Boards

  •  Interactive whiteboards help teachers engage students with different learning styles.
  • Enables all students, even those who have difficulty or can not grasp a pen, to write on and interact with their lessons using finger-touch capability.

20 Licenses for Ginger Software

  •  Text to speech capability assists many struggling students with writing. They are able to write sentences and then listen to them to check for accuracy and assist with sentence correction.
  •  Students can increase or decrease the reading speed to match their own pace.

8 Nook Readers

  •  Targeted to struggling readers, the Nooks give students access to the same books as their peers. This tool, allows them to participate in learning at their own level and discuss the same books as their peers.

Touchphonics Program

  •  Provides at-risk students with an alternative and multisensory approach to phonics, word structure and spelling.

Thank you for supporting the LDA”Make A Difference” Grant Program and fundraising efforts so that children that learn differently have the educational resources to succeed!