Lake Forest–Lake Bluff Learning Disabilities Association (LDA)

2013/2014 “Make a Difference” Grant Program Highlights

With proceeds from our fundraising efforts, the generosity of underwriters and charitable contributions, the “Make a Difference” grant program in 2013/2014 funded more than $40,000 in grants to schools in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff, including St. Mary’s. The grant process includes review, research and analysis to ensure funds are allocated to programs that will most significantly impact children who learn differently! Which tools are in your class? Ask your teacher!

Reading, Math and Social Programs

  • Programs include the Heinemann Comprehension Toolkit, Wilson Foundations, Reading Mastery Signature Edition, Expanding Expression Toolkit (EET), Number Worlds, Superflex Curriculum and Zones of Regulation Curriculum.

33 Chairs, Stools and Sitting Balls, 26 BackJack Chairs

  • Often students with learning differences benefit from movement, extra support or gentle spatial/body awareness “reminders” during instruction. Specialized seating including PantoSwing-LuPo Chairs, Hokki Stools, “Sit or Go” Ball Chairs and BackJack Chairs will now be availablein resource rooms, and gen ed classrooms.

20 Stand Up Desks

  • Stand Up desks support students who benefit from standing and moving to focus and learn.

20 Licenses for Ginger Software

  • Text to speech capability assists many students who struggle with writing. This software assists students with accuracy, sentence construct, and reading speed can increase or decrease based on the reader’s pace.

15 Chrome Books

  • These netbooks will increase student engagement, support critical thinking and improve problem solving.

Assorted Sensory Integration Tools

  • Sensory tools can help children regulate or focus. Grant funding has been providedfor items such as fidgets, weighted balls, reflex balls, concentration cushions, inflatable wedges, slant boards, twist and bend bars.

Indoor Climbing Wall – Deer Path Middle School

  • LF-LB LDA was pleased to make a contribution to Spirit of 67 Foundation grant for an indoor climbing wall. This wonderful equipment offers a wide variety of benefits to the entire DPM population.

TEACCH Tasks Kit – Lake Forest High School

  • Co-funded with LFHS Foundation this grant provides special education services for children with autism