Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Learning Disabilities Association (LF-LB LDA) began as a result of a NEED of parents in the community – a need to share ideas, resources, and provide support to one another with the every day challenges of learning disabilities.  As a result of a parent workshop, which was held at District 67 in the spring of 1988, a small group of parents were brought together.  They realized very quickly the value of communication.
The challenges they were facing were not necessarily unique to their child or their family.  A strong bond was quickly formed.

After small fundraising efforts, they expanded in 1993 to an evening dinner dance and silent auction benefit.  “Reach for the Stars” won first place honors at the state (LDA of Illinois) and national (LDA/America) level in the category of fundraising.  Due to the success of this event, LF-LB LDA has continued with this tradition and now holds the popular Spring Marché every two years.  These funds support on-going projects and have also been re-invested in teacher education and awareness of learning styles and strategies, thus benefiting our teachers and ALL of our students.
LF-LB LDA continues to grow in membership serving the Tri-District (School Districts #115, #67, #65) area including School of St Mary. During the 2013/2014 school year we celebrated our 25th anniversary.